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Jordan Foose

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Jordan Foose wasn't sure if he was going to graduate from high school.

Baseball, the game Foose loves, suddenly wasn't easy anymore because the hard throwing pitcher had problems throwing his fastball for strikes. Foose's problems weren't only on the field as he was dealing with some personal issues and academic troubles at school.

"If it wasn't for Dave I'm not sure Jordan would have finished high school," said Jordan's father, Bob Foose.

Today Jordan Foose is a graduate, doing so from Traip Academy in Kittery. And the person he gives credit for that accomplishment is Strike Three Baseball's Dave Adam.

Adam, a pro baseball pitcher for more 10 years, started working with Jordan Foose in the fall of 2002. The two worked on pitching mechanics and Jordan was suddenly throwing his heater and curveball for strikes consistently.

But Adam also helped Jordan get his priorities in life straightened out.

"Not only has Dave helped Jordan as a pitcher, he's helped him as a person," Bob Foose said.

Jordan Foose sometimes had problems relating with older coaches. But Adam, 33, used his laid back style and relaxed coaching techniques to connect with Jordan.

"Jordan just needed a pat on the back," said Lynne Foose, Jordan's mom. "Jordan is not the kind of kid who responds to yelling from coaches, Dave isn't like that. He's very laid back. Sometimes they make eye contact and you can tell they are connecting."

After a few months work Jordan decided to play baseball his senior year after taking his junior season off. Adam stressed the importance of getting good grades off the field to Jordan so he could play the game he loves on the field.

"Dave got Jordan back into baseball," Lynne Foose said. "He knew if he wanted to play baseball he had to pass. Dave made him realize how important baseball is to him."

And Jordan, who expects to play for Adam at Hesser Junior College in the fall, is thankful.

"After a few lessons with Dave I started to take everything more seriously," Jordan Foose said. "Dave made baseball easier for me. I used to fall off the mound when I pitched but he got my body square. As baseball got easier I started to do well in school. Everything got easier for me.

"There no questions that Dave is the best baseball instructor I've ever had."

Bob Foose agrees with his son.

"We were watching the College World Series the other day and I said to Jordan 'You watch, Dave is going to be coaching one of those teams in 10 - 15 years," Bob Foose said. "He has a way of teaching and a laid back style that relates to kids."

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