Dave Adam's Student Success Stories
John Mulvey

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Jim Mulvey knew that his 12-year-old son, John, had the talent to excel as a Little League pitcher. But although Jim knew the game of baseball he admits he has a basketball mind, a sport he played in college and now coaches at the AAU level.

"A guy I knew that used to work with John went away for the winter last year," Jim Mulvey said. "I needed an instructor for him and I asked around the Portsmouth Little League. A couple of guys recommended Dave and we set it up for him to work with John a couple of times a week."

The results have been remarkable.

Strike Three Baseball's Adam, a former flame throwing All-American at Central Connecticut State and pro baseball pitcher for 10 years, turned a very good pitcher in Mulvey into one that simply dominated his Little League this spring. Mulvey, a lefty, had four no-hitters in five starts, including a perfect game, while allowing just three hits all season.

"Dave is huge on a pitcher having the proper technique," Jim Mulvey said. "He started slowly with the most basic rules of mechanics and took it one step at a time from there. He's very laid back in is approach but, at the same time, he gets his message across.

"Kids don't always need a rah-rah guy. In fact I think they relate better when a coach used a laid-back approach."

It's safe to say that Dave Adam is proving that teaching the proper techniques of pitching with a relaxed, instructive approach is helping pupils of Strike Three Baseball take their game to the next level.

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