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Brian Trainor

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Strike Three Baseball product Trainor emerges as All-Star

Brian Trainor knew a few years ago that his son, Matt, had a passion for baseball.          

"He's a kid that only likes baseball," Brian Trainor said. "So I told him that if baseball is what he likes then he ought to get some advanced instruction. Matt and I could play catch all day long but I couldn't really teach him the fundamentals of how to pitch."  

Enter pitching guru David Adam of Strike Three Baseball. Adam, a former professional pitcher of 10 years and head coach of perennial power Newmarket High, started instructing Matt Trainor at the age of nine.  

"Matt's skills were marginal when he first went to Strike Three," Brian Trainor said. "Dave has taught him how to pitch. He's been like an uncle to my son. Matt doesn't take to harsh coaching and Dave has been real kind to him, real supportive. He's a kind hearted guy and a great baseball coach"  

The results have been impressive. Trainor, now 11, struck out 75 percent of the batters he faced in the York Little League minors this season. For his success he was promoted to the York majors recently and was named to the 11-year-old all-star team.  

Adam started from scratch with Trainor when he was 9.  

"Matt was a beginner and we started with the positioning of his feet," Adam said. "And then we talk about the thought process of the delivery. I got him used to what he needed to do to throw the ball with proper fundamentals and mechanics. Then we put it all together: feet positioning first, then the delivery."  

Adam stresses proper fundamentals along with stretching exercises to prevent arm and shoulder injuries in the present and future. He accomplishes that with both one-on-one individual instruction and in small camp settings.  

Trainor is a veteran of Adam's Field of Dreams Summer Baseball Camp in Newington.   v"When Matt first started going to Strike Three I wasn't sure how he'd fit in," Brian Trainor said. "But it was a quaint setting with a small ratio of kids that Dave was working with. Matt picked it up right away and started learning. It has really paid off...he has skills now."  

Adam said he noticed Matt's hard work starting to pay off during last winter. Trainor has added a changeup and a cutter to his fastball, which allowed him to dominate in Little League this summer.  

"It clicked in with Matt where you could tell he figured it out," Adam said. "He's a young kid but he's strong and he has a lot of ability. He has a mechanically sound delivery now."  

Matt Trainor always had the passion to be a baseball player. And now, with the help of advanced instruction from pitching guru David Adam at Strike Three Baseball, he appears poised to take the next step at the Little League level and beyond.

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